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Personal Enrichment Programs

Community Enrichment Programs provide courses, workshops, seminars, and activities that contribute to the community’s overall cultural, civic, and intellectual growth. Courses are designed to assist adults in the development of new skills or the upgrading of existing art, language and practical skills.


Among the Art courses offered are abstract, collage, drawing, oil and watercolor painting, pottery, sculpting, photography and stained glass. Visit our Art Class Schedule for more information.


Classes offered in Dance have included but are not limited to ballroom, belly, country western, the Hustle, Latin, line, Salsa, swing and many others. Please visit the Dance Class Schedule to find out what's available.

Food and Beverage

Our Food classes include courses in baking, cooking, harvesting and preserving, and nutrition. Learn more through our Food and Beverage Class Schedule.


Language classes include courses such as French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and Sign Language. Find out in our Languages Class Schedule.

Music, Dance and Film

Classes in the Music include learning to play the guitar or compose music. Visit Music, Dance and Film Class Schedule for more information.

Online/Distance Learning

Community Enrichment Programs offers individuals the opportunity to take online classes in areas such as Art, Photography, Music, Test Prep, Languages, Finance, Writing and more. Visit Online/Distance Learning Classes to learn more.

Home and Garden

Typical class offerings in the Practical Skills includes upholstery, sewing, quilting, residential landscaping, picture framing and matting. Learn more in the Home and Garden Class Schedule.

Special Interest

Special Interest classes include writing, fitness, motorcycle safety, personal finance and much more. For a comprehensive listing, visit Special Interest Class Schedule . Also, please visit the Motorcycle Safety Class Schedule to access available dates and times. 

To learn more about Community Enrichment Programs,
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