Mentoring Program

A-B Tech Mentoring program pairs Community Volunteers who have been successful in their academic and work careers with students who are looking for academic guidance and life lessons. Its goals are to guide and support first-generation and other college students at A-B Tech to achieve their academic objectives and successfully navigate the academic and cultural landscape of A-B Tech.

Mentors draw on their real-world experience to give students guidance in making the right choices in school, getting ahead in their careers, and developing social and soft skills. They serve as confidence boosters as well as role models. Mentors act as sounding boards for their students and provide practical feedback. They share ideas, communicate knowledge, identify useful resources, and help clarify educational, personal and professional goals.

Each relationship develops its own pattern, but generally, a mentee is asked to spend one hour a month meeting with their mentor on campus throughout the course of the academic year. The ongoing relationship is nurtured through weekly phone calls and e-mail contact. Mentees are required to attend a New Mentee Orientation and attend an informal luncheon at the end of the academic year. Mentoring is a two-way process and the benefits of participation in the Program are directly related to the level of individual input of both mentoring partners.

Become a Mentee

A-B Tech students who are enrolled in curriculum based classes and are 18 years of age or older are eligible. Priority is given to scholarship recipients. Selection is also based on the availability of suitable mentors. Current A-B Tech Students wishing to participate in the program are required to complete a Mentee Profile/Application Form . Once completed applicants will be contacted to attend a short New Mentee Orientation session to learn more about the program and its guidelines and determine the best match for them. Applications are accepted throughout the academic year. The Program runs year round.

Become a Mentor 

The program is actively seeking community members to act as Mentors. Volunteers complete a Volunteer Application Form and go through an easy, informative and friendly orientation allowing our volunteer coordinator to get to know you and your essential skills. Training is provided through the program

For More Information

Patti Cameron,  Campus Volunteer Coordinator, 828-398-7761,