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Chemistry and Physics Overview


The Department of Chemistry and Physics is committed to providing a suitable learning environment and excellence in teaching for students in the College Transfer A.A. and A.S. Degree programs, along with supporting the Divisions of Allied Health, Public Service Education and Engineering and Applied technology with related courses. A suitable learning environment is designed to provide each student with the opportunity to develop a high degree of skill in the mechanics of reasoning, critical thinking, analytical problem solving, and effective communication skills. The department mission is to provide the students with an appreciation and understanding for science and the role that it plays in our world, as well as to give science majors and pre-professionals strong foundations of study in Chemistry and Physics courses at the freshman and sophomore levels. Finally, the department is to maintain this high quality of instruction through continual program review of its teaching methods, investigating and implementing new classroom and laboratory innovations, along with providing state-of-the-art equipment and technologies to our students and faculty alike to ensure our competitive edge in higher education.

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