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Contact Police/Security

In an emergency, dial Ext. 7125 on-campus phone.

If there is no answer, dial 9-911 on-campus phone.


Telephone Numbers for Police and Security Services

Emergency: 828.398.7125

Main College: 828.398.7900

Non-Emergency: 828.398.7654



On-Duty Officer Cell Phone after hours and weekends:

A-B Tech Asheville Campus: 828.398.7654
A-B Tech Enka: 828.301.7150

Chief of Police & Security
Kara Walker


Assistant Chief of Police & Security
Scott Early

Lieutenant of Police & Security
Joshua Edwards
Evening Shift


Lieutenant of Police & Security - Training
Allen Presnell
Day Shift

Police Officers - Full Time  

Security Officers

Ben Fortune

Jack Meadows

Jamil Hawes

Mercedes Chavez

Randy Ratcliff

Steve Childers

Steve Lewis

Police Officers - Part Time  

Allen Dunlap

Daniel Blagg

Mike Boone

Mike Gahagan

Mike Lanning

Patrick Sluder

Rachel Hall

Robin Lunsford

Scott Lunsford





Cody Smith

Don Gaddy

Kevin Cole







Linda Morrow

Scott Henry

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