Brewing, Culinary, and Hospitality

Students from the Brewing program, Culinary program, Hospitality program, and Pastry Arts program training for their degrees
A-B Tech Brewing Program Students


This curriculum is designed to prepare individuals for various careers in the brewing, distillation and fermentation industry. Classroom instruction, practical laboratory applications of brewing, distillation and fermentation principles and practices are included in the program of study.

A-B Tech Culinary Students


This curriculum provides specific training required to prepare students to assume positions as trained culinary professionals in a variety of foodservice settings including full service restaurants, hotels, resorts, clubs, catering operations, contract foodservice and health care facilities

A-B Tech Baking and Pastry Arts Students

Baking and Pastry Arts

This curriculum is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge required for employment in the baking/pastry industry, including restaurants, hotels, independent bakeries/pastry shops, wholesale/retail markets, and highvolume bakeries, and/or further academic studies

A-B Tech Hospitality Students


This curriculum prepares individuals to understand and apply the administrative and practical skills needed for supervisory and managerial positions in hotels, motels, resorts, inns, restaurants, institutions, and clubs