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What do all these industries have in common?

cartoon of girl on telephone with statement customer service our priority

• Banking

• Human Resources

• Manufacturing

• Insurance

• Education

• Health Care

• Retail

• Accounting   

• Pharmaceuticals

• Legal

• Hospitality 

• Sales

• Finance

• Automotive 

• Management

The employees within these organizations, indeed the very organizations themselves, will either thrive and prosper or ultimately wither and die based on one core principal: the level of service they provide to their customers.     According to a 2011 survey conducted by American Express:  “78% of customers have bailed on a transaction or walked away from an intended purchased because of a poor customer service experience.”  Where you buy your car, how you purchase airline tickets, if you frequent the same supermarket chain, or if you decide to find another dentist are all contingent on your experience.  And just one, single experience can alter the perception a customer has of the entire organization. 

 If you’re currently looking for work or just hoping to advance in your present position a simple Google search will show you there are plenty of job listings where the central focus is customer service. currently lists 5,898 customer service jobs in North Carolina alone with 111 of those in the city of Asheville.

A-B Tech South, A-B Tech Community College’s newest campus located in Arden, is gearing up to meet local businesses’ needs by hosting a new certificate in Customer Service.  

The creation of the Customer Service Academy is in direct response to an online survey A-B Tech South administered earlier this spring. “It’s important that as a community college we respond to the community’s needs. The new Customer Service Academy is what our local businesses told us they wanted. The employees who attend this new program will learn how to better serve and keep customers,” said Jason Fair, A-B Tech South Coordinator.

The Customer Service Certificate Program will be available this fall and classes will run from September through December.  Classes will be held at both the A-B Tech South and Enka sites.  Students will choose three out of six courses to complete the program. 

Topics of the classes include Customer Service Skills, The Art of Motivation, Conflict Management, the Foundation to Exceptional Customer Service, Public Speaking, and Values and Ethics.  For more information contact Fair at 828-398-7716.


Nancy Troxler

Coordinator, Occupational and Skilled Trades