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Leadership: Where is the Danger?

yellow diamond shaped DANGER sign

In our society we constantly see things that cause us fear—shootings, price increases, job losses, home foreclosures, muggings, murders, bullying, war, the possibility of war, cancer and this is only the beginning of a long and fear-inducing list. 

When we are afraid we behave differently.


When we are afraid we are less:

  • Helpful
  • Creative
  • Empathetic
  • Productive
  • Loving
  • Kind


In a few words, we are less human. 


We can’t stop the circumstances.  We can have influence over the situation.  Leaders especially can create an environment of safety in what often looks like a dangerous world.  In a safe environment we all have the capacity to be better people.  Others in our presence are encouraged to be better people when we feel safe.


How can you lead by creating a “circle of safety?”  Take 12 minutes to listen to Simon Sinek’s** talk entitled, Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe



**Sinek is author of a recently published book entitled, Leaders Eat Last.


Stewart Chason,

Coordinator, Workforce Training