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Saturday Classes

Take Saturday classes at A-B Tech

A-B Tech offers weekend classes to meet the needs of the growing number of students who require flexibility in their schedules.

Courses meet in the mornings or afternoons on the Asheville campus. Subjects offered include computer information systems, communications, economics, education, mathematics and history.

"Saturday classes present an opportunity for a student to attend college, while at the same time meeting other family and personal obligations. A student taking classes in this format can focus on two or three classes at a time, which has been shown to lead to improved content retention and ultimately course completion,” said Melissa Quinley, Vice President of Instructional Services.

See the Saturday classes offered below. Then, see your advisor or visit Student Services in the Bailey Building on the Asheville Campus or at the Ramsey Building on the Madsion site to register.

  • These classes have limited seating. Check WebAdvisor for the most accurate and latest listings.

For more registration information on eight-week classes, click here to go to WebAdvisor.


HY = Hybrid

Course that blends face-to-face and online instruction.  Check your syllabus at the beginning of class.  50% or more of the class takes place online

WB = Web Supported

Any course taught partially in the classroom and partially online.  Less than 50% of the class takes place online.


IN = Online

100% of the instruction is delivered online, with the possible exclusion of exams, when you have to come to campus or use a College-approved proctor.  You must be proficient with computers and exhibit a high degree of self-discipline to keep up with each assignment. 



Please see your advisor.