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After school Tutor~New Mount Olive Baptist Church 9/29/17

Position Description


Location: Off-Campus  New Mount Olive Baptist Church Pay $15.00 per hour

Job Duties:

GRACE for Teens after-school educational program seeks talented, experienced Tutors in all subject areas for students between grades 6 and 12. We help both struggling and gifted students reach their full potential by supplementing the instruction they receive in class and guiding them toward study practices and aides that can help them excel. Tutors work with individual students one-on-one, though we occasionally organize group activities for students who are studying the same material. Our team offers compassionate, motivating assistance to students, and we expect our new hires to do the same. As an educational tutor, your responsibilities would include but are not limited to: -Meet students at the after-school and go over their homework assignments in the applicable subject area
-Ask students about specific topics or subject areas that are giving them trouble or that warrant further exploration
-Review recent homework assignment and test scores, and work through problems or questions that the student did not answer correctly
-Take notes during tutoring sessions so you can follow up with the student later
-Communicate with YTL Staff about trouble areas or any other issue that requires immediate attention  

Minimum qualifications:

Must have successfully passed middle school math and reading courses

Preferred qualifications:

Successfully passed High school math and reading courses .


Contact Information

Yashika Smith  Programs Manager