North Carolina Residency

In order to qualify for the resident tuition rate, North Carolina law (G.S. 116-143.1) requires that a legal resident must have maintained domicile in North Carolina for at least the 12 months immediately prior to classification as a resident for tuition purposes. The student cannot qualify for in-state tuition if he or she is claimed as a dependent by a parent or guardian who is not a N.C. resident. 

Proof of residency can include being employed within the state of North Carolina, paying NC taxes, having a current NC driver’s license, and voting in NC. 

A-B Tech uses a centralized process for residency determination known as the Residency Determination Service (RDS) at the direction of North Carolina law. All students are required to have a residency determination from RDS. It is the student’s responsibility to provide documenting evidence of residency status to RDS. 

NOTE: The out-of-state tuition rate is charged automatically to students who have not completed the RDS process. 

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