Additional Costs

Students should be prepared to incur additional estimated expenses during the academic year (two semesters and summer term) as follows: 

The College charges a Curriculum Matriculation fee in order to process the student’s final credentials. This $6 fee is applied each semester to Curriculum students. 

Allied Health 

Books $900-1,900 

Supplies $200-1,000 

Arts and Sciences: A.A., A.E., A.S., A.F.A. 

Books $1,200-2,000 

Supplies $150-600 

Business and Hospitality Education 

Books $1,000-2,500 

Supplies $200-1,000 

Emergency Services 

Books $900-1,900 

Supplies $200-1,000 

Engineering and Applied Technology 

Books $700-1,000 

Supplies $200-1,100 

The cost of books and supplies varies from year-to year by curriculum due to price changes, curriculum changes, and instructor preferences. For purposes of definition, the following items may be classified as supplies: pen, pencils, paper, notebooks, instruments, student kits, uniforms and shoes, rental of uniforms, safety equipment, hand tools, calculators, lab coats, membership dues, and pins. Students will incur most of the supply costs for their curriculum during the first semester of study. Students are encouraged to consult with their department chairperson for actual costs of supplies for their curriculum. Prior to the purchase of a calculator for use in class, students should consult with their instructor.