The Writing Center

The A-B Tech Writing Center is open to students in all curriculum programs. Staffed by full-time and adjunct English instructors and by peer tutors, the Center is dedicated to helping students improve their writing in all stages of development. The Writing Center requires no referral form, and walk-ins are welcome; however, scheduled appointments are given priority.

During conference sessions, emphasis is placed on clarity of expression, effective design and organization, refinement of thesis statements, persuasive support for ideas, smooth transitions, appropriate language, fluid integration of source material, and accurate documentation of sources. Writing Center tutors are asked not to proof-read or edit papers, but they can assist students in becoming more confident and effective self-editors by providing helpful strategies for deep-level revision and effective proofreading.

The Writing Center’s online tutoring component is available to students enrolled in online and hybrid classes and may also be used by students in classroom sections on days when the on-campus Center is closed (for inclement weather, special campus activities, etc.) or when the Center’s on-campus schedule is full. The online service, staffed by adjunct English instructors and the Center’s coordinator, accepts submissions 24/7 with a 24- to 48-hour turnaround Monday through Thursday and a 48-72-hour turnaround Friday through Sunday.