Transitional Studies Program

Transitional Studies offers programs to support academic improvement in the areas of reading, mathematics, English, social studies, science and life skills. Assessment is a basic element of all Transitional Studies programs. Program placement begins with a Test of Adult Basic Education or CASAS Test and students are periodically assessed throughout their enrollment to monitor and assist their progress.

The Adult Basic Education (ABE) program supports the development of reading comprehension, mathematical reasoning and computation, and language and writing skills at pre-high school levels. This is designed to lay the foundation for those students who will go on to seek a high school equivalency credential.

The High School Equivalency (HSE) Preparation program offers instruction in all areas relevant to official high school equivalency credential tests. Classes have been aligned to the common core standards adopted by the state of North Carolina. Instruction for Transitional Studies programs is available at all A-B Tech campuses and sites, a variety of community sites, and through an on-line study option.

The Transitional Studies Plus Jumpstart Program offers support for high school equivalency credential seeking students interested in pursuing certificate-level credentials in a variety of career fields. The program is designed to assist students in completing a variety of classes and certification requirements while they work toward completion of their high school equivalency credential as a means of enhancing their employability and Jumpstarting them into their career field. Certificate programs are available in the following areas:

Phlebotomy, Nursing Assistant I, Electronic Health Records, Accounting, Microcomputer Applications, and Computer Installation and Maintenance Central Sterile processing, Early Childhood, Automotive technology I, Basic Welding, Basic Machining, Electrical Wiring, Computer Integrated Technology Basic Maintenance, Basic Construction and Millwork, Manicuring and Nail Technology, Office Professional, and Logistics Associate.

The Transitional Studies ABE/HSE program also provides instruction for high school graduates wishing to improve their academic skills prior to entering college curriculum classes. Students are encouraged to “tune-up” their language and math skills prior to taking the NC-DAP for enrollment in curriculum classes.

The Transitional Studies English as a Second language (ESL) program offers English instruction to non-native English speakers. Students are placed by level at entry and progress until assessment indicates they have achieved a desired level of proficiency. Students at this level who wish to continue their study either to seek a high school equivalency credential or to meet personal goals are directed toward ESL Academic Track classes offered through the ABE/HSE program.

All Transitional Studies classes are free. Some Jumpstart career path classes may be fee waived while there may be cost associated with others. Basic Skills students must be 18 years old or have an official minor permission form on record with the program and be a current North Carolina resident.

Students wishing to pursue the high school equivalency credential or to enter the ESL program are required to attend an orientation/registration session.

Please call the ABE/HSE Preparation program office at 828-398-7433 or the ESL program office at 828-398-7384 for more information on orientation/registration dates and sign-up.