Student Services for Distance Learners

Effective 2015, all students must complete a computer based assessment of online learning readiness. Based on the results, students may be required to complete one or more interventions prior to enrolling in an online course. These interventions include successful completion of CTS 060 - Essential Computer Usage (or a comparable computer course) and Fast Track to Online Learning. All students must complete Moodle Online Orientation prior to enrolling in an online course. 

Following is the list of Student Services available to distance students. Most of these resources are available from the College website at

  1. Application: Application to the College may be made on the College website. 
  2. Student Orientation: The New Student Orientation is online. 
  3. Student Handbook: The Student Handbook is also available on the College website. 
  4. Transcript Evaluation: Transcripts from colleges previously attended may be mailed or sent electronically to A-B Tech by the originating college and can be evaluated for transfer credit, if transfer credit is desired. Students will receive a summary of transfer credits in WebAdvisor. 
  5. Application for Program Completion: Applications for Program Completion may be mailed or emailed to the Office of Records and Registration for evaluation. The application is available on the College website. Applicants will receive an email response to their A-B Tech email account. 
  6. Catalog: The catalog is available on the College website. 
  7. A-B Tech Transcripts: Transcript requests may be made online at 
  8. Adding/Dropping/Withdrawing from Classes: Distance learners may add or drop classes online via WebAdvisor. Distance learners may receive assistance with withdrawing from classes by emailing the Registrar’s office at 
  9. 9. Schedule of Classes: Curriculum schedules are available in WebAdvisor. 
  10. 10. Financial Aid: Applications for federal financial aid (FAFSA) are available at and scholarship applications are available on the College website. Financial Aid information is available by emailing or calling 828-398-7900. 
  11. 11. Academic Advising: Academic advice is available as follows: students classified into programs may receive academic advice by emailing their assigned program advisor at the College. Unclassified students who are not in any program may receive academic advice by contacting
  12. Veterans’ Services: Veterans’ services and advice are available by emailing the Veterans’ Coordinator at
  13. Disability Services: Students with disabilities as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act may seek services by e-mailing the Support Services Office: or by calling 828-398-7581 
  14. Career Services: For those who need assistance in choosing a major/program, researching specifics of various occupations, writing resumes, and/or interviewing skills, counselors are available by appointment. Students may schedule an appointment by emailing or calling 828- 398-7581. A job and résumé posting service called Job Board are also available online at the College website. 
  15. Placement Assessment: Placement assessment may be accomplished at any college which offers the North Carolina Diagnostic Assessment and Placement (NC-DAP) test. Scores can then be faxed by or emailed the originating college. Additionally, college-level SAT, ACT or Accuplacer scores may be used instead of taking the NC-DAP. The College will also accept Compass or ASSET scores. One of these tests is available at every community college in North Carolina as well as at other colleges throughout the country. For information, contact the Testing Center at Students may schedule a placement test at
  16. Payment of Tuition and Fees: Tuition and fees may be paid online from the College website or by using WebAdvisor/self-service. 
  17. Purchase of Books: Books may be purchased online from the College Bookstore. 
  18. Online Technical Assistance: The College provides a Help Desk for students who experience technical issues with Moodle, WebAdvisor and other college-related, online services. Students may contact the HelpDesk at
  19. Library Services: Students may access the resources of the Locke Library by visiting
  20. Academic Assistance: Tutoring for distance learners in certain disciplines is available. For help with writing, students can contact the Writing Center at
  21. College Events: An updated list of college-sponsored activities and events is available on the College’s website calendar. 
  22. Online Learning Readiness Assessment: Prior to taking an online course, prospective students are able to take A-B Tech’s Online Learning Readiness Assessment, to ensure that they have the technical and organizational skills to succeed with online learning. More information about the assessment can be found at 
  23. Information about computer set-up: The College provides information on the proper technical setup that will be needed for a student to fully engage in the online learning process. This information is located at setting-your-computer
  24. Moodle Orientation: A self-paced Moodle Online Orientation is available to students . This course provides students with the opportunity to test drive the features of Moodle and solicit feedback from an online instructor prior to the start of their curriculum class(es). Upon successful completion of an objective exam, the student can produce a certificate of completion. This certificate has been suggested as the first assignment in all online courses and is required prior to enrollment in online classes.