Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is a creative work that merits protection by a copyright, trademark, or patent. In the pursuit of academic studies, a student or faculty member may produce such a creative work. A-B Tech supports the development and production of intellectual property. 

The College publishes an Intellectual Property policy and procedure, the purpose of which is to protect the College and the creators, including students, as they attempt to transfer inventions or creative works to the marketplace. This policy supports the sharing of property rights between the College and the originator as specified in the procedures.

Unless otherwise specified in a rights agreement, the College owns all rights to intellectual property created by an employee inside the normal scope of work or using College resources. If the property was created outside the normal scope of work or without College resources, then the property belongs to the creator. Typically, students retain rights to original works created within the course of their studies, unless otherwise specified in a rights agreement.

For a complete copy of the Intellectual Property policy and procedure, see the Vice President for Instructional Services.