College Values

A-B Tech’s core beliefs guide behaviors, decisions and interactions toward accomplishing the mission and achieving the vision. A-B Tech is dedicated to student and community success through:

Excellence: To practice the highest levels of professionalism and performance in providing a quality education for our diverse community. We commit to superior personal, academic and professional standards as we strive for distinction in all aspects of our learning and work.

Learning: To foster a love of learning and to empower individuals to succeed in our local and global community. To be the #1 resource for college and career readiness, transfer education, enrichment, workforce development and life-long learning.

Supportive Environment: To create a safe, nurturing, appreciative, compassionate atmosphere of mutual respect and collaborative partnerships among all individuals.

Innovation: To actively seek creative solutions and cutting-edge initiatives that lead to best practices.

Inclusiveness: To embrace the diversity of cultures, ideas, wisdom and points of view that makes people unique and adds quality to our lives and vitality to the College.

Continuous Improvement: To continually assess the effectiveness of our programs, services and processes to assure that we are doing our best every day and that over time our best gets better.