Overview of Placement and Assessment of College Readiness

The purpose of placement and assessment is to match the academic readiness of incoming students with academic requirements of the curriculum. Applicants for all degree and diploma programs are required to provide evidence of college readiness using one of the approved methods listed below. Unclassified students (those not enrolled in a degree or diploma program) are also required to provide evidence of college readiness if they desire to take a mathematics or English course, or any course for which math or English are prerequisites. Students are required to take the courses into which they place.

Options available to assess college readiness include the following: 

  • Placement using unweighted high school GPA of 2.6 or higher and successful completion (grade of “D” or higher) of one of the following math courses: Advanced Functions and Modeling; AP Calculus, AP Statistics; Discrete Mathematics; Integrated Math IV; Pre-Calculus; other as approved by your advisor in the Bailey Building. High school graduation must be within past 5 years and an official high school transcript must be submitted. 
  • Placement using the North Carolina Diagnostic Assessment and Placement (NC-DAP), offered at A-B Tech’s Testing Center. Due to the length of the assessment, students are encouraged (but not required) to take the math and English assessments in separate sessions. 
  • Placement using the submission of college-ready scores from one or more of the following alternate assessments (please note that scores below college-ready benchmarks will not be accepted): SAT; ACT; Accuplacer; ASSET; COMPASS. Official copies of test scores within the last five years must be submitted. 
  • Placement using transfer credit from a regionally accredited institution for college-level English (Expository Writing equivalency) or mathematics (Statistics, Quantitative Literacy, or Pre-calculus equivalency). Official transcripts and a grade of “C” or higher are required. 
  • Placement using successful completion of DRE and/or DMA courses from a North Carolina Community College. Official transcripts are required. 

Students who have previously taken the Accuplacer assessment are eligible to take the NC-DAP. Students who did not place at college-level using Accuplacer and who have not yet completed developmental level DRE and/or DMA courses are required to take the NC-DAP assessment to determine appropriate placement. 

Placement using A-B Tech course credit and transfer credit for English and math does not expire. Placement using Multiple Measures or via assessment scores are valid for a maximum of five-years. After five years, if math or English courses have not been completed successfully, a student is required to be re-assessed using one of the methods listed above. 

Alternate testing formats are available to individuals with disabilities upon request to the Support Services office. Documentation of disability is required prior to the establishment of accommodations for placement testing. Students requesting accommodations should allow at least one week for arrangement of accommodations after submission of appropriate documentation.

Students submitting high school transcripts should submit them to: Admissions Office, 340 Victoria Rd., Asheville, NC 28801. College transcripts should be sent to: Records and Registration, A-B Tech Community College, 340 Victoria Rd, Asheville, NC 28801. 

Students applying for admission to limited or selective enrollment programs should consult the program admissions information in the Admissions section of the College website at abtech.edu/selective--limited-programs. This information is also available in the K. Ray Bailey Student Services Center or via email at GOTadvising@abtech.edu