Placement Testing

Overview of Placement Testing

The purpose of placement testing is to match the academic readiness of the incoming student with the academic requirements of the curriculum. Persons applying for admission into all degree and diploma programs are required to take the North Carolina, Diagnostic, Assessment and Placement (NC-DAP), (formerly ACCUPLACER) the college’s placement assessment tool. Students who are unclassified (not desiring to be enrolled in a program) will need to take the placement test if they desire to take a mathematics, English, reading course or any course for which math or English are prerequisites. Alternate testing formats will be made available to individuals with disabilities upon request to the Disability Services office. Documentation of disability will be required prior to the establishment of accommodations for placement testing.

All students may waive the placement testing requirement if they submit documentation of acceptable SAT, ACT, or other state-approved placement test scores which have been earned within the preceding five years. Transfer credit received from a regionally accredited institution for first-level English and math courses will also be accepted in lieu of placement testing.  The student must submit an official transcript to receive transfer credit and to officially waive the need for placement testing. Transcripts should be sent to: Records and Registration, A-B Tech Community College, 340 Victoria Rd, Asheville, NC 28801. Students applying for admission to limited enrollment Allied Health programs should consult the program’s admissions information in the academic program section of the College website. This information is also available in the K. Ray Bailey Student Services Center.

Test Preparation and Re-Testing Procedure

It is incumbent upon students to prepare fully before taking the North Carolina Diagnostic Assessment and Placement (NC-DAP)/Accuplacer, the college’s placement assessment tool. NC-DAP tests have very high reliability and validity. To assist students in preparing, study materials are available at placement test review. Students will find the sample questions helpful in understanding test formats.

  • Students may only take the placement test once in a five year period with the following exceptions:
  • Applicants for competitive allied health curricula may take the test once each year during the competition period.
  • Students who tested at local high schools may test when applying for admission to the College.
  • Students granted approval to retake the test by the Chair of Developmental Studies, Director of Student Advising and Support Services, or Vice-President for Student Services.

Placement testing is a valuable tool in ensuring that students are enrolled in courses that support student success. Lack of preparation for the assessment may result in additional cost and time for classes.

Schedule Placement Testing

Students may schedule placement testing online by clicking the yellow "Schedule NOW!" button below. Students must present a picture I.D. to take the placement test. Placement testing is available both day and evening hours and the results are provided to the student by an Academic Advisor immediately after the student completes the tests. Based on placement scores, a student will be placed directly into College English and math or into one of the developmental studies courses that are designed to prepare the student for entry into his or her chosen field of study. To support student success, students are required to take the courses into which they are placed. 

Click the "Schedule NOW!" button below to schedule your placement test:


Adult Basic Education Placement

Students who place into Adult Basic Education reading will be allowed to enroll in College courses only after they have received appropriate remediation through the Adult Basic Education program. Students who test into both Adult Basic Education language and mathematics must also receive appropriate remediation prior to enrolling in college courses.

Students who place into Adult Basic Education level math only or Adult Basic Education language only will be allowed to take Developmental Studies and/or curriculum classes with approval of their academic advisor.