Admissions Policy

  1. A-B Tech is an open-door institution, which accepts all applicants who have graduated from high school, hold a GED or adult high school diploma, are at least 18 years of age or older, are an emancipated minor, or a dual enrollment student.
  2. Some programs in the Allied Heath and Public Services Division are selective and typically require the high school credential.  Admission to these programs is competitive.
  3. Undocumented immigrants are eligible for admission based on the qualifications and limitations listed below:
    1. Attended and graduated from a United States public high school, private high school, home school and/or adult high school that operate in compliance with state or local laws.
    2. Must be charged out-of-state tuition and are not considered a North Carolina resident for tuition purposes.
    3. Will be counseled that federal and state laws prohibit states from granting professional licenses to undocumented students.
    4. Students lawfully present in the United States shall have priority over any undocumented immigrant in any program of study when capacity limitations exist.
    5. Must comply with all federal and state laws concerning financial aid.
  4. The College will refuse admission to any applicant when it is deemed necessary to protect the safety of the applicant or other individuals.  When making this safety determination, the College shall refuse admission to an applicant only when there is an articulable, imminent, and significant threat to the applicant or other individuals.  In this case, the College shall document the following:

       a.  Detailed facts supporting the rationale for denying admission;

       b.  The time period within which the refusal to admit shall be applicable and the supporting rationale for the

            designated time period;

       c.  The condition upon which the applicant that is refused would be eligible to be admitted.

5.  The College shall implement an appeals process for applicants denied admission pursuant to this policy.