General Admission

Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College has an open door admissions policy. Students must certify on their college application that they are a high school or adult high school graduate from a valid institution, a GED graduate from a valid institution or are 18 years of age or older. High school graduation or the equivalent from a valid institution is normally required for Financial Aid purposes. The College accepts applications online at continuously throughout the school year at no cost to the student. Early application is advised for many programs.

Individually selected classes may be taken by unclassified students, provided the course prerequisites have been met. Placement into specific courses is based upon standards that will help to assure the student’s success. Students who do not yet possess the background required for these courses will be enrolled in developmental courses designed to provide this background.

Unclassified students:

  • Typically plan to take only a few classes and are not eligible for financial aid
  • May meet with an advisor if proof of a course pre-requisite is needed to register
  • Can register for classes through WebAdvisor. 

Persons wishing to enroll in a curriculum program at the College must complete the following steps as a classified student. Upon completion of this procedure, the student may be accepted unconditionally or provisionally into the program. Provisional acceptance indicates that developmental courses are necessary; this status changes to unconditional acceptance once the developmental courses are completed and the student meets again with an academic advisor in the Bailey Building. Not all academic programs allow students to be provisionally accepted.

Classified students:

  • Choose to pursue certificate, diploma, or degree programs
  • Are generally eligible to be considered for Financial Aid
  • Meet with an advisor with expertise in their programs of study

If you are a classified student, you must complete the following steps:

  • Submit official college transcripts  if applicable and transfer credit is desired (English & math credit may substitute for placement testing)
  • Complete the Accuplacer assessment, submit SAT/ACT, Compass, or Asset scores (3 years old or less)
  • Alternative testing formats will be made available to individuals with disabilities upon request to the Disabilities Services Coordinator in the Bailey Building.
  • Meet with an advisor to declare a major and receive further instructions