Course Repetition

Students who need a course to graduate may take the course as many times as necessary to pass it. Any course that has been passed or audited may not be taken for credit or audited more than twice per academic year. The twice-per-year regulation also applies to single or elective courses that are not required for graduation. No single Physical Education course may be attempted more than twice. 

If a student has a failing grade in a required course, the course must be passed prior to graduation. If a student fails a prerequisite course, it must be repeated successfully before beginning the subsequent course. This could result in the student being enrolled for a longer period than is normally required to complete requirements for graduation. 

As courses are repeated, only the higher grade will be used in the calculation of the cumulative GPA; however, both grades will remain on the student’s A_B tech transcript. Only a grade of “D” or above can replace an existing grade.