Economic & Workforce Development/ Continuing Education

The Economic & Workforce Development/Continuing Education Division offers classes and training to support the economic development of the community and its citizens. Needs for higher academic education, employment skills, job training and retraining, personal growth and development, and business and economic development are continually identified through a variety of assessments.

Different learning approaches to meet community needs involve traditional classroom instruction,
individualized instruction, computer-assisted learning, community-based learning centers, on-site classes and training for business and industry, and apprenticeships. Also available is assessment, consultation, and technical assistance for individuals, businesses, industries, and public and private sector agencies.

The educational offerings of the Economic & Workforce Development/Continuing Education Division are built on the concept of lifelong learning. Classes and training are provided in different formats, at a variety of times, and at locations where the needs of students can conveniently be met.

Some programs are coordinated with the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) or the WorkFirst programs of other agencies. These and other similar programs represent joint efforts to bring education and training services to the community.

Training and course work may earn Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credit applicable to certain professions.

The Economic & Workforce Development/Continuing Education Division provides programs for adults age 18 or older. Minors, ages 16 and 17, can enroll for some classes with special permission and if space allows.