Emergency Services

The Division of Emergency Services includes the following professional programs: Basic Law Enforcement Training, Criminal Justice Technology, Emergency Medical Science, Fire Protection Technology, and Human Services Technology. The Division offers training in both curriculum and continuing education. It offers a variety of academic credentials, including associate degrees, certificates, and diplomas. Many of the Division’s curriculum courses are designed to meet licensure/certification requirements necessary for employment.

In addition to classroom and laboratory instruction, each program provides experiential learning through field/clinical experiences. These field/clinical experiences occur at emergency services sites in the community, including medical, law enforcement, and fire and rescue settings.

Applicants should become familiar with the selection criteria and application deadlines for the specific program. Persons interested in a public service career are advised that professional licensure, certification, employment, or admission to clinical/work experience sites may be denied to anyone who has been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude.

A.A.S. Degrees

Criminal Justice Technology
Emergency Medical Science
Fire Protection Technology


Basic Law Enforcement Training
Behavioral Health Studies
Fire Protection Technology