Business and Hospitality Education

The Business & Hospitality Education Division provides technical postsecondary education in the academic departments of Administrative/Medical Systems Technology; Aviation Management & Career Pilot Technology; Baking and Pastry Arts; Brewing, Distillation and Fermentation; Business Administration; Computer Technologies; Culinary Arts; Hospitality Management; and Spa Therapies and Operations. Programs of study are specifically designed to provide students with necessary job skills to meet the personnel needs of local employers. All programs emphasize the mastery of analytical and technology-related skills. Business and Hospitality faculty work in partnership with local employers and program advisory committees to provide students with an appropriate foundation of theoretical and hands-on experiences. Day and evening classes are available for most programs. Some programs offer weekend classes. For students interested in starting or managing their own business, the Student Business Incubator is one of many programs and services offered by the A-B Tech Small Business Center/Business Incubator.

Objectives of Business and Hospitality Programs 

  1. To provide students with the necessary skills to compete in local business or hospitality job markets while gaining an appreciation for global markets.
  2. To provide students with a challenging and rigorous program of study emphasizing oral and written communication skills along with analytical, computational, and technical proficiencies.
  3. To provide an interactive partnership between students, employers and faculty through a variety of methods, including cooperative work experiences, guest lecturers, field trips, and advisory committee input.
  4. To invest in the human capital of Buncombe and Madison counties and contribute to the economic development of the business and hospitality community.

Graduation Requirements Because of rapid changes in workplace technologies, certain technical courses will “time out” after five years and must be repeated for graduation. Exceptions must be approved by the department chairperson.

A.A.S. Degrees 

Aviation Management & Career Pilot Technology - Aviation Management 
Aviation Management & Career Pilot Technology - Career Pilot 
Baking and Pastry Arts 
Brewing, Distillation and Fermentation 
Business Administration: General Business Administration 
Business Administration: Human Resources Management 
Business Administration: Marketing & Retailing 
Culinary Arts 
Digital Media Technology 
Hospitality Management 
Information Technology: Information Systems 
Information Technology: Network Management 
Information Technology: Software and Web Development 
Information Technology: Systems Security 
Medical Office Administration 
Office Administration - General Office 
Office Administration - Finance 


Brewing Methods and Operations 
Business Administration 
Distillation Methods and Operations 
Foodservice Technology 
Medical Office Administration 
Office Administration 


Aviation - Commercial Pilot 
Aviation - Instrument Rating 
Aviation - Private Pilot 
Baking and Pastry Arts 
Cosmetology Instructor 
Craft Beverage Lab 
Digital Media Technology Digital Video 
Digital Media Technology Design Level 1 
Digital Media Technology Design Level 2 
Esthetics Technology 
Food Operations Management 
Human Resources Management 
Information Technology: Computer Basics 
Information Technology: GIS Fundamentals 
Information Technology: PC Installation and Maintenance 
Information Technology: CNSS 4011/4013 
Information Technology: Network Systems Administration 
Information Technology: CCNA Preparation 
Information Technology: Web Developer 
Information Technology: Web Programmer Level I 
Information Technology: Web Programmer Level II 
Information Technology: Database Management 
Manicuring/Nail Technology 
Medical Coding 
Office Management 
Retail Marketing 
Word Processing/Desktop Publishing