General Education for the Associates of Applied Science

As part of the Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree, students take courses in General Education. These courses provide students with a knowledge base of historical, societal, and environmental contexts for succeeding in the changing global community. General Education courses represent a full spectrum of communication, humanities and fine arts, social and behavioral sciences, and natural sciences and mathematics courses. General Education courses facilitate student acquisition and sharing of knowledge, encourage social interaction, and promote an educated citizenry. General Education courses also develop broad, cross-curriculum knowledge and skill sets that prepare the student for the challenges of post-graduation endeavors.

General Education has the following student learning outcomes:

     • Communication: Students will communicate in a clear and appropriate manner.

     • Humanities/Fine Arts: Students will evaluate significant humanistic and artistic expression.

     • Social/Behavioral Sciences: Students will critically analyze information from the social/behavioral disciplinary perspectives.

     • Natural Science/Mathematics: Students will present evidence-based solutions to problems by applying
       mathematical or scientific methodologies.

Most AAS programs require specific general education courses. However, in some programs, students may choose from a list of courses that meet requirements in Humanities/Fine Arts,Social/Behavioral Sciences, Communication, or Natural Sciences/Mathematics. These courses are listed below.


  • COM 110
  • COM 120
  • COM 231
  • ENG 110
  • ENG 111
  • ENG 112
  • ENG 114

Humanities/Fine Arts

  • ART 111
  • HUM 110
  • HUM 115
  • PHI 240

Social/Behavioral Sciences

  • ECO 251
  • PSY 150
  • SOC 210
  • SOC 225

Natural Science/Mathematics

  • BIO 161
  • BIO 163
  • BIO 168
  • MAT 110
  • MAT 121
  • MAT 143
  • MAT 171
  • PHY 121