Arts and Sciences

General Education

Consistent with Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College’s commitment to student success, the general education program provides students with a knowledge base of historical, societal, and environmental contexts for succeeding in the changing global community. The general education program represents a full spectrum of English composition, communication, and literature; humanities and fine arts; social and behavioral sciences; natural sciences; chemistry and physics; mathematics; and related elective components.

The purposes of the general education program are to facilitate student acquisition and sharing of knowledge, to encourage social interaction, and to promote an educated citizenry. General education courses develop broad, cross-curriculum knowledge and skill sets that prepare the student to successfully master the challenges of post-graduation endeavors,

Upon successful completion of the general education requirements, the student will show achievement in each of the following competencies:

     Students will critically evaluate works.

  1. Students will problem solve.
  2. Students will effectively communicate.
  3. Students will effectively communicate.


Associate Transfer Degrees 

Associate in Arts 
Associate in Engineering 
Associate in Science 
Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts 

A.A.S. Degrees 
General Occupational Technology