Developmental Studies

This department provides post-secondary students with instruction in basic math, English, and reading. As the point of entry for learners needing academic development, Developmental Studies is sensitive to the needs of students making the transition to a college environment. The objective of this department is to enable students to develop skills and behaviors that will lead to successful achievement in A-B Tech’s curricula.

In compliance with the state redesign of developmental mathematics, Developmental Studies mathematics courses have a minimum passing grade of 80%. Students achieving at or above this level of mastery will receive a grade of “P” and those who do not reach the 80% mastery will receive a grade of “R” and will be required to retake the module until mastery is demonstrated. The minimum passing grade for developmental reading and English is “C”. The grades of “D” or “U” are not used for Developmental Studies courses. Developmental Studies faculty may officially withdraw a student from a course.

Students who test into three developmental disciplines will be assigned developmental academic advisors for a minimum of the first semester of enrollment. These students will be allowed to take no more than 13 credits of work during that first semester (i.e. three developmental courses of four credits each and a required student success course). A decision regarding the ability to take more than 13 credits in future semesters while still enrolled in developmental courses will be made with the permission of the developmental advisor.