Work-Based Learning

In terms of Work-Based Learning Eligibility, below is the criteria from the portal (matches what I have on file). 


To be eligible to participate in a work based learning experience activity, you must meet the following eligibility requirements: 

  • Be enrolled in a curriculum program that provides a work based learning option, 
  • Cannot be “tuition exempted” 
  • Have a minimum 2.0 cumulative program GPA 
  • Have completed a minimum of 9 semester credit hours within the program of study with 3 semester credit hours from the core within the major 
  • Have approval by the department chairperson 

Any exceptions to these requirements must be approved by the appropriate academic dean. 

The above matches what I have in my records from the 2013 update when COE was converted to WBL. What you sent that was in the catalog looks more like old language from 2005.

The current System Office language regarding eligibility is: 


Colleges may establish minimum criteria for each student seeking academic credit for work- based learning while they learn the requisite skills of a job. The employer ultimately makes the decision as to whether or not an individual is deemed appropriate for their organization.