Standards for Academic Progress

The College has established this standard to: 

  • Provide struggling students with proactive advising to identify solutions and interventions fostering future and ongoing academic success (e.g., limited scheduling, targeted courses, regular advisor meetings, etc.). 
  • Provide a means for preventing prolonged academic failure. 
  • Provide students with a warning when they fail to meet satisfactory academic performance standards; 

This procedure applies to all curriculum students. Students whose cumulative grade point average (GPA) falls below 2.0 after attempting twelve (12) credit hours (excluding developmental courses) are placed on Academic Warning, which may be followed by Probation and Suspension. Cumulative GPA will be calculated using the current official grade for each course taken that semester at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College. 

Good Standing 

Students whose cumulative GPA is 2.0 or above or who has not attempted 12 hours of GPA affecting coursework is considered to be in good standing. 

Academic Warning 

Students failing to meet the minimum cumulative GPA at the conclusion of the semester will placed on an academic warning. The warning is posted on the student grade report for that semester, and the student’s Academic Program Dean, Department Chair, and Program Advisor are notified by the Registrar. To assist students in improving their GPA, the following steps are recommended: 

a. Student meets with student’s assigned Program Advisor within the first eight days of the semester to develop strategies for academic success; 

b. Student completes the one-hour “student success seminar” session prior to next registration; and 

c. Student meets again with his or her assigned Academic Advisor to review student’s academic progress prior to next term’s registration. 

At the conclusion of the Academic Warning semester, students whose cumulative GPA is below 2.0 will be moved to academic probation. 

Academic Probation 

Students whose cumulative GPA falls below 2.0 for two successive semesters will be placed on Academic Probation. Academic Probation is posted to the student’s official transcript and the student’s Academic Program Dean, Department Chair, and Program Advisor are notified by the Registrar. To assist students in improving their GPA, the following steps are required: 

a. Students must meet with their Program Advisor before the next semester begins in order to retain their class schedule. 

b. Students must participate in the “student success seminar” seminar. 

c. Students will be permitted to enroll only in courses listed in their Educational Plan by their Academic Advisor (LTP = Limit to Term Plan) and may include one or more of the following: 

  • A limitation on the number of hours attempted; 
  • Registering for developmental courses as needed; 
  • Registering for a repeat of unsuccessful courses; 
  • Referral to other College resources, such as the Financial Aid Office, to receive further guidance. 

A student remains on Academic Probation if the cumulative GPA continues to be below 2.0 but the semester GPA is 2.0 or above. 

Academic Suspension 

Students on Academic Probation whose cumulative GPA during the next semester of enrollment is below 

2.0 will be placed on Academic Suspension for one semester, excluding summer. The student will be notified by the Vice President for Student Services via student email and the student’s Academic Program Dean, Department Chair, and Program Advisor will also be notified by the Registrar. 

Students on Academic Suspension are not allowed to register for curriculum courses but are permitted to enroll in Continuing Education courses. Academic Suspension is posted to the student’s official transcript. Students returning from Academic Suspension will be required to complete the Career Exploration Workshops with a Career Counselor to ensure the student has selected an appropriate program of study. Prior to registration, the student must meet with an Program Advisor and must follow the same steps as a student on Academic Probation. 

Students may re-register after one semester of Academic Suspension, excluding summer. They must meet with their assigned academic advisor to develop appropriate strategies for academic success and follow the same protocols as outlined for students on Academic Probation. 

Academic Appeal 

Academic Suspension may only be appealed through the Office of the Vice President of Student Services at least one week prior to the first day of class of each fall and/or spring semester. Appeals will then be considered by the Vice President of Instructional Services or his or her designee(s).