Withdrawing from a Class

After the 10% point of the term, a student wishing to withdraw from a class must complete and submit a withdrawal form by the 75% point of the term. A student receiving financial aid must obtain a signature from the instructor. Anyone receiving veteran’s benefits must obtain signatures from the instructor(s) and the Veteran’s Affairs Advisor. Any F-1 or M-1 international student must obtain signatures from the instructor(s) and the International Student Advisor. All withdrawal forms must be received by the K. Ray Bailey Student Services Center, South Site Office, or Madison Site Office during the first 75% of the term. Deadline dates will be published in the Student Handbook and Events Calendar each year. In the case of a withdrawal, the student will receive a grade of “W,” which will not influence the quality point ratio, but will appear on the transcript.

Exceptions such as serious illness or job transfer requiring withdrawal from all classes after the 75% point of the term will be considered on an individual basis by the Vice President for Student Services or his or her designee. A student who has withdrawn from a class may no longer attend the class.