Degree, Diploma, and Certificate Programs 

Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College confers the Associate in Arts degree, Associate in Applied Science degree, Associate in Engineering degree, Associate in Science degree, and Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts degree. A diploma is awarded for completion of one-year applied curricula. Certificates are issued to students who successfully complete designated short-term programs or course sequences. Degrees, diplomas, and certificates are conferred, awarded, or issued by authority of the North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges when all requirements for graduation have been satisfied. 

Because of rapid changes in workplace technologies, certain technical courses will “time out” after five years and must be repeated for graduation. Exceptions must be approved by the Dean responsible for the course. 

Requirements for Graduation 

Degrees and diplomas are conferred and awarded at the end of each academic term. The College holds a single commencement ceremony in May each year. To graduate with a diploma or degree, students must meet the following minimum requirements: 

  1. Declare and be accepted into the program. 
  2. Complete all program requirements by the end of the term. Program requirements are defined in the official catalog. The default catalog is the one in effect for the term in which the student declares the program and cannot pre-date the student’s first term of enrollment. Catalogs are valid for five academic years (for example a student graduating in Summer 2019 cannot use a catalog dated prior to 2014-2015). Course requirements must be completed by one of the following: 

    a. Take the course at A-B Tech and attaining the minimum grade required. 

    b. Receive transfer credit. A minimum of 25% of program hours must be completed at A-B Tech. Official transcripts showing required courses must be received by A-B Tech before program completion will be posted to the student’s transcript. 

    c. Earn Credit-by-Exam, CLEP credit, Advanced Placement credit or credit for licensure/certification. 

  3. Earn a grade point average of at least 2.0 in the program of study. 
  4. Fulfill any additional program requirements as defined by special accreditation compliance standards.
  5. Apply for graduation prior to completion of the program (preferably the term prior to the last term of registration) by submitting a program completion application to the Records and Registration office.

  6. Be in good standing and fulfill all financial obligations.

Students who have completed the degree or diploma requirements in the preceding Fall semester or who are on track to complete requirements in Spring semester or the subsequent Summer semester will be invited to the May graduation ceremony. 

Students with a program GPA of 4.0 will be graduated with Highest Honors. Students with a program GPA of at least 3.75 and less than 4.0 will be graduated with High Honors. Students with a program GPA of at least 3.5 and less than 3.75 will be graduated with Honors. 


Certificates are issued for students who satisfy program requirements following the same criteria as for degrees and diplomas. Certificate completers do not participate in the commencement ceremony unless they also are receiving degrees or diplomas. Honors are not recognized for certificate completions.