Prerequisites and Corequisites

Some courses have prerequisite and/or co-requisite course requirements. All requisites must be satisfied prior to enrolling in a course. A prerequisite course can be satisfied by passing the course at A-B Tech, or by transferring credit for the course from another college or university according to the college’s transfer credit policy. If a prerequisite course is currently being taken, but is not passed, the subsequent course must be dropped if registration has already taken place. 

A co-requisite course must be taken in the same term. In some cases a co-requisite can be taken in a prior term or transferred to A-B Tech. Contact your advisor for assistance. 

Under some conditions, a Department Chair may waive a pre- or co-requisite class based on a student’s demonstrated knowledge of the requisite course material. Requisite waivers do not eliminate a course from a program of study; waived requisites must be taken to satisfy degree, diploma or certificate program requirements.