Introduction to College Courses for Degree-Seeking Students

Degree-seeking students who enroll in a college program requiring ACA 115, ACA 122 or EGR 110 must enroll in and successfully complete the course with a grade of “C” or better in their first semester of enrollment. 

Any student who places into more than one developmental course must enroll concurrently in ACA 115, ACA 122, or EGR 110 as appropriate for his or her curriculum. 

Students transferring a similar course or who transfer in 24 or more transfer credit hours of college-level work, will be permitted to substitute another course for ACA 115 or EGR 110 and will not be subject to the above requirement and subsequent restrictions. 

ACA 122 is required for the Associate in Arts, Associate in Engineering, Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts, and Associate In Science degrees and substitutions may not be made.