Independent Study

Selected courses may be available for independent study, with approval of the appropriate dean. A student requesting to take a course by independent study must complete the Request for Independent Study form and have it approved by the Department Chair and Division Dean prior to registration. The request to enroll in a course by independent study may be approved when the following conditions are met: 

  1. The course is not offered during the current semester or is in schedule conflict with another required course and is needed for the student to qualify for graduation or transfer. 
  2. The student has a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher. 
  3. The student has completed 15 semester hours of study in his or her academic program at Asheville- Buncombe Technical Community College. 
  4. A full-time faculty member, with the approval of the department chair, agrees to serve as the instructor for the semester of independent study. 

Any exceptions must be justified by special circumstances and approved by the Vice President for Instructional Services.