Grading System

Final grades will be issued to all students at the end of the term based on the criteria outlined in the course syllabus. A student who wants to contest a grade must do so within six weeks of the awarding of the grade. A grade cannot be changed after this period without approval by the department chair and the division dean.

Students will be graded by the following system:



Excellent academic performance, consistent mastery of facts and concepts, and a thorough understanding of course content.



Good academic performance, high-level mastery of course content.



Average academic performance.



Marginal academic performance, poor mastery of course content.



Very poor performance, no demonstration of even minimal mastery of course content.



Assigned when a student is unable to complete work or take a final examination because of illness or other reasons over which the student has no control. An incomplete grade must be completed within the first six weeks of the next semester. Otherwise, the grade becomes an “F.”



Does not affect quality point ratio.



Proficiency not demonstrated. Class must be retaken. Does not affect quality point ratio.


Unofficial Withdrawal

Assigned when the student does not follow the College’s official withdrawal policy by the course withdrawal deadline or is dropped for excessive absences. This is the equivalent of an “F” grade and will influence the quality point ratio.

Official Withdrawal
(no penalty)

Assigned when the student OFFICIALLY WITHDRAWS. This will not influence the quality point ratio. Official withdrawals are not allowed after the 75% point of a semester or term, as identified in the official college calendar, except for exceptional and documented emergencies. In such circumstances, the student must withdraw from all courses. Approval for an emergency withdrawal must come from the Vice President for Student Services.