Class Attendance

Regular and punctual class attendance is important in order to achieve success in the course and develop desirable personal traits necessary for success in employment. Instructors are responsible for establishing any attendance/participation requirements and for informing students of those requirements in the course syllabus at the beginning of the academic term. Students are responsible for fulfilling the requirements of the course that are outlined in the course syllabus. 

Course Entry Attendance Requirement 

It is mandatory that the student attend each course at least once during the first 10% of the course, or in the case of online courses, a graded activity must be submitted during the first 10% of the course. Each online course syllabus must identify the activity to be completed prior to the 10% point of the course, and the date by which the activity must be completed. For hybrid courses, the student must attend the classroom portion of the course or complete an online graded activity prior to the 10% point. Failure to attend or complete the activity prior to the 10% point will result in the student being dropped from the course. The student will not be allowed to continue in the course or receive a refund. 

Programmatic Attendance Requirements 

Some programs may have outside regulatory bodies that require a minimum of course attendance/ participation hours. These requirements are clearly defined in the respective course syllabus or program orientation information. 

Federal regulations require that attendance be reported for students receiving certain types of veteran’s benefits and for certain classifications of international students. Instructors will be regularly asked to verify attendance for these specific student groups. 

Absences Due to Military Duty 

Students must provide prior official notification to instructors of military leave of absence(s). Responsibility for initiating such notice rests with the student. A-B Tech will give excused absences to students who are in the United States Armed Forces and who have received temporary or permanent re-assignment as a result of military operations, as well as to students who are National Guard service members placed onto State active duty status during an academic semester for which the student is enrolled. This includes: 

• Providing the student with the option, when feasible, to continue classes and coursework during the academic term through online participation for the period of time the student is placed on active duty; feasibility will be determined by the instructor and/or academic department 

• Providing the student with the option of receiving a temporary Incomplete (“I”) grade for any course that the student was unable to complete as a result of being placed on State active duty status; however, the student must complete the course requirements within the first six weeks of the following semester or by an alternate date approved by the Vice President of Instructional Services 

• Permitting the student to drop, with no penalty, any course that the student was unable to complete as a result of being placed on State active duty status. This includes receiving a 100% refund for any tuition and fees for which the student directly paid. 

Absences Due to Religious Observance 

In compliance with state and federal laws, A-B Tech students are eligible for reasonable accommodations, including a minimum of two excused absences each academic year, for religious practices or beliefs that are required by the student’s faith. The student must submit the Request for Accommodation for Religious Observance form to the instructor no later than the census date (10% point) for the class. Excused absences from classes for religious observances do not relieve students from responsibility for any part of the coursework required during the period of absence.