Academic Programs and Graduation Requirements

Degree, Diploma, and Certificate Programs

Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College confers the Associate in Arts, Associate in Applied Science, Associate in Science, and Associate in Fine Arts degrees. A diploma is awarded for completion of one-year applied curricula. Certificates are issued to students who successfully complete designated short-term programs or course sequences. Degrees, diplomas, and certificates are conferred, awarded, or issued by authority of the North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges when all requirements for graduation have been satisfied.

At least 25% of the credit hours in a program of study must be earned at this College.

Because of rapid changes in workplace technologies, certain technical courses will “time out” after five years and must be repeated for graduation. Exceptions must be approved by the department chairperson.

Requirements for Graduation

The College holds a graduation ceremony in May each year. To graduate with a diploma or degree, students must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Declare an academic major and complete the requirements of a College-approved program of study according to the student’s official catalog. The official catalog is determined by the program chair in consultation with the student and should be the catalog that is in effect at the time that the student declares a major. The official catalog may not be a catalog prior to the student’s first date of enrollment and must be a College catalog dated no more than five years prior to the date of graduation (i.e., a student graduating in 2013 cannot use a catalog earlier than 2008-2009). Students should be aware that prerequisites for courses change frequently and that they will be required to meet the prerequisites in place at the time a course is taken.
  2. Each course in the program of study must be completed by one of the following methods:
    1. Take the course at A-B Tech.
    2. Receive transfer credit.
  3. To be eligible for graduation, at least 25% of the required program hours must be completed at A-B Tech. The following programs require that selected upper-level courses be completed in residency at A-B Tech: Associate Degree Nursing, Basic Law Enforcement Training, Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene, Emergency Medical Science, Medical Assisting, Medical Laboratory Technology, Medical Sonography, Pharmacy Technology, Phlebotomy, Practical Nursing, Radiography, Surgical Technology, Veterinary Medical Technology, Cosmetology, Therapeutic Massage. A student who desires to transfer credit into one of these programs should consult with the department chairperson. Exceptions may be approved by the Vice President for Instructional Services.
    1. Earn Credit-by-Exam.
  4. Earn a grade of at least “C” in each course identified in the catalog as a major course and a minimum average of 2.0 (“C”) quality points for the current program. Students completing their program of study with a program grade point average of 4.0 will be graduated with highest honors. Those who have a minimum program GPA of 3.75 will be graduated with high honors and those with a minimum program GPA of 3.50 will be graduated with honors. The student must assume primary responsibility for assuring that all requirements for graduation are met.
  5. Apply for graduation in the K. Ray Bailey Student Services Center the semester before completing degree requirements. Purchase caps, gowns, and diplomas in March. Students who cannot attend graduation must still pay for the diploma.  Application for Program Completion form
  6. Be in good standing; fulfill all financial obligations to the College; receive library clearance.
  7. Fulfill programmatic related graduation requirements as defined by special accreditation compliance standards.