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Inclement Weather Schedule

The College will close when weather conditions are such that driving is hazardous. The following procedure will be observed for inclement weather conditions:

  1. The President shall determine the classifications of days as hazardous, marginal or late opening.
  2. Announcements concerning school operation will be made as soon as possible and announced on all local radio and TV stations for all day classes. In addition, announced closings will be posted on the College web site, facebook page, on the switchboard, and on the Victoria Road electronic message board. To receive text message alerts, update your contact information in WebAdvisor. If it appears that ice or snow may be cleared before the day is over, a late opening will be announced as soon as possible. Students should attend classes as scheduled.
  3. Important: If weather conditions become worse after an initial decision is made, an additional announcement closing school for the day will be made as soon as possible.
  4. Closing or delaying the day programs does not automatically close evening classes. Announcements will be made concerning the evening classes in the afternoon through the media (See item 2).
  5. When weather conditions dictate early dismissal of day or evening classes, the announcement will be made by telephone and classroom computers to each building on campus.
  6. Commuters, particularly those commuting from outlying areas, should exercise personal judgment concerning highway conditions regardless of College announcements. 
  7. Curriculum class work can be made up by rescheduling the class, extra assignments, individual conferences, extended class sessions, online assignments, or other alternatives as determined by the Vice President for Instructional Services.
  8. Continuing Education sessions missed because of inclement weather will be rescheduled whenever possible. 



  • Level 3Hazardous DayTravel conditions are unsafe and no improvement is expected within a reasonable time. College is closed to faculty, staff and students. College classes will not meet and special events will not be held.
  • Level 2Marginal DayImproving Conditions Expected Day: Early weather conditions are hazardous, improvement expected, but not enough time to have all parking lots and sidewalks cleaned. College is closed to faculty and students. Staff reports at the designated college opening time. Special events will not be held.
  • Level 1: Late Opening DayEarly weather conditions are hazardous, improvement expected and parking and sidewalks can be cleared for a late opening. College classes will begin late at a time announced through the appropriate media. Faculty, staff and students are to report to the work or class location consistent with their schedule for the designated opening time. Special events will be held once the college has opened.
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