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Curriculum (Credit) Classes

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 Fall 2014 Course Schedule

Course NumberTitleDay(s)Start TimeEnd TimeStart DateEnd Date
ACA 115Success and Study SkillsM/W9:00 AM9:50 AM8/18/201410/13/2014
ACA 115Success and Study SkillsM/W9:00 AM9:50 AM10/15/201412/13/2014
ACC 120Prin. of Financial AccountingM/W6:00 PM7:50 PM8/18/201410/13/2014
ACC 121Prin. of Managerial AccountingM/W6:00 PM7:50 PM10/15/201412/13/2014
BUS 110Introduction to BusinessM/W9:00 AM9:50 AM8/18/201410/13/2014
BUS 110Introduction to BusinessTh6:00 PM7:50 PM8/18/201410/13/2014
BUS 115Business Law lM/W10:00 AM10:50 AM8/18/201410/13/2014
BUS 147Business InsuranceM/W9:00 AM9:50 AM10/15/201412/13/2014
CIS 110Intro to ComputersM/W1:00 PM2:45 PM10/15/201412/13/2014
COM 231Public SpeakingT/Th9:30 AM11:30 AM8/18/201410/13/2014
COM 231Public SpeakingT/Th9:30 AM11:30 AM10/15/201412/13/2014
ENG 111Writing and InquiryM/W1:00 PM3:50 PM8/18/201410/13/2014
HUM 115Critical ThinkingT/TH9:30 AM10:45 AM8/18/201410/13/2014
MAT 143Quantitative LiteracyM/W6:00 PM9:50 PM8/18/201410/13/2014
MAT 143Quantitative LiteracyM/W10:00 AM11:50 AM10/15/201412/13/2015
PED 122Yoga lT/Th2:00 PM3:50 PM10/15/201412/11/2014
PED 122Yoga lT/Th6:00 PM7:50 PM8/18/201410/9/2014
PSY 150General PsychologyT/Th11:00 AM12:50 PM8/18/201410/13/2014
PSY 150General PsychologyT/Th11:00 AM12:50 PM10/15/201412/13/2014
SOC 210Introduction to SociologyT/Th2:00 PM3:15 PM8/19/201412/11/2014
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