Employee Directory

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Last Name
Scott Early
Police Officer
Campus Security
Jody Edgerton
Electrician Assistant
Plant Operations
Tom Edmondson
Campus Tech Services Coordinat
Technical Support Group
Mary Edmunds
Basic Skills Specialist
Basic Skills/Academic Success
Karen Edwards
Coordinator, Testing Center
Melissa Edwards
Business Office
Brien Edwards
Joshua Edwards
Pt Police Officer Ashevill Cam
Campus Security
Douglas Edwards
Adjunct Instructor, BLET & Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice Technology
Dylan Eide
Adjunct Instructor, Constructi
Construction Occupations
David Einzig
New Student Orientation Facilitator
Student Services
Robert Eldridge
Adjunct Dental Faculty
Harold Elingburg
PT Security Officer - Asheville Campus
Administrative Services
Eileen Eliot
PT CE Instructor
Basic Skills Programs
Angela Elkins
Adjunct Instructor, Sociology
Behavioral Sciences
Jennifer Ellenburg
PT CE Instructor
Sylvia Eller
WIA Case Manager
Human Resources Development
Patrick Elliot
Adjunct Instructor
Behavioral Sciences
Ruth Elliot
Adjunct Instructor, Therapeuti
Therapeutic Massage
Trina Elliott
Groundskeeper - Enka
Plant Services & Bldg Maint
Nicole Elliott-Laboray
Adjunct Instructor
Developmental Studies
Pamela Ellis
Interim Co-Director, Financial Aid
Student Services/Financial Aid
Rodney Embler
Resources and Support Coordinator
Economic and Workforce Development/Con Ed
Allan Endaya
Adjunct Instructor BLET
Law Enforcement Health & Public Services
Jessica Enevold
Laboratory Analyst
BioNetwork/EWD/Con Ed