Employee Directory

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Last Name
Donald Babb
Instructor, Criminal Justice T
Criminal Justice Technology
Paul Babelay
Adjunct Instructor Humanities
Humanities, Arts & Sciences
Steven Bachmeyer
ACA Instructor
Margaret Baer
Adjunct Instructor
Human Services Technology
Brian Baines
HVAC Technician
Plant Operations
Pamela Baker
Administrative Assistant
Business & Hospitality Education
Amber Baker
Program Coordinator
Karen Baker
Nursing Assistant Instructor
Health Occupations, Continuing Education
Erik Baker
Adjunct Instructor Culinary
Business & Hospitality
James Baker
Adjunct Instructor, BLET
Basic Law Enforcement Trng
Robert Baker
Adjunct Instructor, BLET
Basic Law Enforcement Trng
Deborah Bakken
Nursing Instructor
Allied Health
Vanette Baldwin
Communications Dispatcher
Police & Security
Kimberley Baldwin
Coordinator, Print Shop
Catherine Ball
Testing Specialist
Student Services
Martha Ball
Communications Coordinator
Community Relations and Marketing
Dennis Ball
PT CE Instructor
Instructional Services
Sabrina Ballard
Substitute Teacher, Early Educcation
Weekday Early Education Center
Roger Banks
Adjunct Emergency Medical Science Instructor
Emergency Medical Science Health & Public Services
Thomas Barber
Adjunct Instructor
Phyllis Barnard
CE Instructor Occupational Training
Tamala Barnett
Executive Assistant, Instructional Services
Instructional Services
Eric Barnwell
PT CE Instructor
Basic Skills Programs
C. Audra Bassett-Touchell
Instructor, Biology
Michael Baum
Adjunct Instructor
Business, Business & Hospitality