Building Construction Science Diploma

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This program focuses on live projects and hands-on activities to teach students energy efficient construction materials and methods associated with high-performance buildings. Students will learn advanced framing methods and other alternative building techniques associated with ‘green building’. Students will also learn energy auditing techniques and soft-ware associated with building energy analysis. Students will come out of this program with the skills required to build high-performance buildings and monitor their energy use. As the construction industry reinvents itself around more sustainable building concepts, the Building Construction Science Program at AB-Tech is the “go to” place for training and retraining for a new era of construction.

All credits in this program can transfer into the Associates Degree in Construction Management Technologies which would allow a student to get out in 2 years with a diploma and a degree. Many of the credits transfer into our Sustainability Technologies program as well. Furthermore, some cred-its will transfer into four-year programs.


For More Information:

Contact Heath Moody by email at or by phone at 828-398-7349.

Visit our webpage or vist Facebook @AshevilleGreenSchool for more program details.


Courses requiring a grade of “C” or better: ARC, BPR, CMT, CST , DFT and SST

CMT prefix classes are offered in the evenings only.

First Semester (Fall)

Second Semester (Spring)

Third Semester (Summer)

Subject Course Number Title Credit Hours
ENG 110 Freshman Composition 3
MAT 121 Algebra/Trigonometry I 3
Semester Notes

Total Credit Hours Required


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