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Computer Engineering Technology A.A.S.

Associate in Applied Science
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A course of study that prepares the students to use basic engineering principles and technical skills for installing, servicing, and maintaining computers, peripherals, networks, and microprocessor and computer controlled equipment.  Includes instruction in mathematics, computer electronics and programming, prototype development and testing, systems installation and testing, solid state and microminiature circuitry, peripheral equipment, and report preparation.  Graduates should qualify for employment opportunities in electronics technology, computer service, computer networks, server maintenance, programming, and other areas requiring knowledge of electronic and computer systems.  Graduates may also qualify for certification in electronics, computers, or networks.


Courses requiring a grade of “C” or better: CET, CSC, EGR, ELC, ELN and WBL

First Semester (Fall)

Second Semester (Spring)

Third Semester (Summer)

Subject Course Number Title Credit Hours
ELC 117 Motors and Controls 4
ELN 237 Local Area Networks 3
ELN 238 Advanced LANs 3
PHY 131 Physics - Mechanics 4

Fourth Semester (Fall)

Subject Course Number Title Credit Hours
ELC 128 Introduction to PLC 3
ELN 133 Digital Electronics 4
ELN 131 Analog Electronics I 4

Fifth Semester (Spring)

Semester Notes

*Major Electives: CET 125, CHM 135, COE 112/COE 115, EGR 285, ELC 213, ELC 228, ELN 133A, ELN 150, MAT 151/MAT 151A, MAT 271.

  • MAT 171 may be substituted for MAT 121
  • MAT 172 may be substituted for MAT 122
  • PHY 151 may be substituted for PHY 131
  • CET 161 may be substituted for CSC 143

**MAT 171, MAT 172 and PHY 151 are ecommended courses for students seeking transfer for bachelor’s degree in engineering technology.

Total Credit Hours Required


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