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The Digital Media Technology program prepares students for entry-level jobs in the digital design and multimedia industry. Students learn to synthesize multimedia, hypertext, computer programming, information architecture, and client/server technologies using both Internet and non-network-based media.

Students develop skills in communication, critical thinking, and problem solving as well as interface design, multimedia formats, application programming, data architecture, and client/server technologies. The program develops technical skills through practical applications that employ current and emerging standards and technologies.

Graduates should qualify for employment as web designers, graphic artists/designers, multimedia specialists, web developers, web content specialists, media specialists, information specialists, digital media specialists, animation specialists, interface designers, and many new jobs yet to be defined in this expanding field.

*Evening program may differ in length and course sequence.

Courses requiring a grade of “C” or better: ACA, ART, CIS, COE, DME, FVP, GIS, and WEB


First Semester (Fall)

Second Semester (Spring)

Subject Course Number Title Credit Hours
CIS 115 Intro to Programming and Logic 3
DME 130 Digital Animation I 3
DME 215 Adv Graphic Design Tools 3
ENG 111 Expository Writing 3
WEB 210 Web Design 3

Third Semester (Summer)

Subject Course Number Title Credit Hours
ENG 114 Professional Research and Reporting 3
MAT 115 Mathematical Models 3

Fourth Semester (Fall)

Fifth Semester (Spring)

Subject Course Number Title Credit Hours
DME 260 Emerg Tech in Digital Media 3
DME 270 Prof Practices in Digital Media 3
DME 285 Systems Project 3
Major Elective* 3

Sixth Semester (Summer)

Subject Course Number Title Credit Hours
Humanities/Fine Arts Elective
Social/Behavior Science Elective
Semester Notes
  • MAT 171 may be substituted for MAT 115

*Major Electives

Students have the ability to select an area of interest through the selection of their major electives. The following are the four interest areas and the associated classes. Students should meet with their advisor to help determine the courses that best meet their needs.

 Web/Multimedia Programming Track:

Elective 1   WEB             Web course approved by advisor

Elective 2   DME 220       Interactive Multimedia Programming

                                        (or COE 212 and COE 215 )

 Artistic Track:

Elective 1   ART             Art course approved by advisor (or WEB 111)

Elective 2   ART             Art course approved by advisor

                                       (or COE 212 and COE 215 )

Video Track:

Elective 1   FVP 250        Production Specialties (or ART 266)

Elective 2   DME 240       Media Compression


GIS Track:

Elective 1   GIS 111         Introduction to GIS

Elective 2   GIS 121         Georeferencing and Mapping (or GIS 222)

Total Credit Hours Required


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