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Automotive and Transportation Classes  - Winter 2014

Auto Safety Inspection -
This course covers the operation of a public inspection station and station facilities, inspections rules and procedures for branks, lights, horn, steering, wipers, directional signals, tires, mirrors, exhaust system, etc.  Safety inspectors are responsible for knowing all the information in the NC Safety Inspection Manual.

T,Th, 2/4-2/6, 6-10pm  AUT-7203-683TR

T,Th, 3/6-3/6, 6-10pm  AUT-7203-684TR

T,Th, 4/1-4/3, 6-10pm  AUT-7203-684TR


Emission Standards, OBD -
Emissions testing (testing pollution released into our environment) is a requirement for all vehicles '96 and newer.  This course ensures that licensed mechanics understand OBD technology pertaining to emissions testing.

M,W, 3/3-3/5, 6-10pm  AUT-3129-695TR

M,W, 4/7-4/9, 6-10pm  AUT-3129-697TR


Emission Standards, Recertification -
This course is a recertification class required by the State of North Carolina for the emissions II Inspection program.  it ensures taht licensed mechanics understand OBED technology pertaining to emissions testing.

M, 2/10, 6-10pm  AUT-7202-694TR

M, 3/10, 6-10pm  AUT-7202-696TR

M, 4/2,  6-10pm   AUT-7202-698TR


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