Password Information

Initial Password

Your initial password for both WebAdvisor and Moodle is your date of birth in this format: MMDDYY. Please note that leading zeroes should be included, i.e. June = 06, the year 2001 = 01, the fifth day of the month = 05.

Example: for date of birth June 6,1995 the password would be 060695.

Problems with Password

In the event your date of birth is incorrect in your computer record you can still get your password.

1. Visit

2. When prompted, type your Username.

3. Type your Student ID. You will then be given one chance to change your password. This is a temporary password.

4. To complete the process, you should now use your web browser to visit this web site:

5. Enter your username and the temporary password and click the OK button.

6. Click the "Enroll for Reset" button and answer the security questions.

7. Click the "Change Password" button, enter your temporary password and a new, permanent password you create. This password should include both letters and numbers and be between six and nine characters long.

If you follow these steps and are unable to successfully log in to the password change application, please send an e-mail to with the following information:

• Student ID
• Legal Name
• Date of Birth
• Last four digits of your social security number
• Address
• Phone Number we can use to contact you

We will notify you by your student e-mail address when your password has been reset.

Learn more about A-B Tech student email.

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