Who's Eligible for Services?

 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT EFFECTIVE APRIL 2, 2014 : Career Services is moving and will begin offering sessions in the new group room in Bailey. These changes will be taking place over the next two weeks. We appreciate your patience and will have the new schedule running as soon as possible. For questions, please access the contact information at the bottom of this page.  Thank you.

Career Counseling is offered in the Bailey building on Asheville's campus at no charge.

 Who's Eligible?

1) current curriculum students OR

2) students who have applied to the College AND

                                    * taken the placement test and/or submitted transcripts AND

                                    * completed the New Student Orientation AND

                                    * plan to enroll in the upcoming semester


For non-curriculum students, or other members of our community seeking similar services, please call Buncombe county JobLink located in Asheville at 251-6200.  Madison county residents can contact the Madison campus JobLink Career Center in the Ramsey building at 649-2577.

                                 Schedule or Cancel an Appointment for service details and to reserve your session



Questions?   Contact a career counselor at (828) 398-7209 or click careerservices@abtech.edu


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