Who's Eligible for Services?


                                          Don’t Wait, Register Now – Seats available in these high demand job training areas:

Healthcare Business Informatics

Pharmacy Technology Evening Program

Information Systems Security

Network Technology

Geomatics /Surveying

Civil Engineering Technology

Industrial Systems Technology

Hospitality Management

Therapeutic Massage

Manicuring and Nail Technology

New Phlebotomy Program beginning at Patton Avenue Goodwill location in the Fall

                                          For more information, please call our Information Center at 828-398-7900.


Career Counseling is offered in the Bailey building on Asheville's campus at no charge.

 Who's Eligible?

1) current curriculum students OR

2) those who have applied to the College as a curriculum student AND

                                    * taken the placement test and/or submitted transcripts AND

                                    * completed the New Student Orientation AND

                                    * plan to enroll in the upcoming semester


For non-curriculum students and other members of our community seeking career services, please contact A-B Tech Job Club Employability Lab or the Asheville Career Center located in Asheville at 251-6200.  Madison County residents can contact the Madison Career Center in the Ramsey building at 649-2577.

All job seekers may select JOB BOARD for information about JOB BOARD.


book for service details and to reserve your session. 


Questions?   Contact a career counselor at (828) 398-7209 or click careerservices@abtech.edu


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