More Information About Student Incubator Program

Participants Will Receive:

A-B Tech Small Business Center Student Business Incubation Space

For a minimal charge of $50 a month for 10 months (paid at first month from grant disbursement funds), students receive the following:

  • Up to $5,000 for each student run business, to be utilized for legitimate business expenses only (subject to verification by program director). Students receive grant funds that are disbursed monthly for 10 months starting in August of the program year. Students are not given a lump sum at the beginning of the program. Students are not able to use funds for tuition expenses. Grant funds can be used to pay for the $500 annual space utilization fee.
  • Physical space for their business
  • Computer and Internet Access
  • Consulting and technical assistance
  • Access to business machines (fax, copier, scanner, printer)

    student Incubator Work Office Space

  • Technology support (Internet access)
  • Coaching, mentoring and individual advising
  • Networking opportunities
  • Conference and training room availability

Student Business Incubator Room

Participants Will Learn:

  • How to complete a business plan
  • How to effectively manage their business
  • How to better understand the legal issues of small business ownership
  • How to successfully market their product or service

Just like people, young businesses must go through a learning process in their beginning stages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of a small business?

The Small Business Administration (SBA) classifies a small business as a company with 500 or fewer employees with annual revenue under $5,000,000. 

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Do I receive academic credit for this program if selected?

No, this is a 12-month extracurricular program and students do not receive academic credit and cannot use grant funds to pay for tuition.

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Can students apply if they have already started a business?

YES! Students who have a current business may still apply to the SBI program.

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Can a student accepted into the SBI program still maintain his/her academic schedule?

YES! Students are required to be enrolled in a minimum of nine semester hours.

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What happens after a student graduates from the SBI program?

The primary goal of the SBI program is for a student to graduate after the 12-month period (or sooner) and become a permanent tenant in our Center for Business Incubation, continue his/her business success outside the Business Incubation Center or position his/her business to be sold.

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How could a student become disqualified from the SBI program?

Not maintaining one’s current student status, missing either a mandatory group or monthly meeting, misappropriation of grant monies, engaging in illegal activities and not adhering to the program requirements are all ways in which a student could be terminated from the program.

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Is my idea protected during the application process?

Yes, as you go through the application process, your application package will be kept confidential and will only be shared with A-B Tech staff and the Student Business Incubator Program Selection Committee.

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What happens after the 12-month incubation period?

The goals of the Student Business Incubator Program are:

  • At the end of the 12-month period students will "graduate" out of the Student Business Incubator and apply to become a "Founder" in our traditional Business Incubator, move into outside commercial space or position their business to be sold.
  • These small businesses will become successful, self-supporting entities and will create jobs within our community.
  • Graduates of the SBI will serve as mentors to future students not only at A-B Tech, but also to middle school and high school students who have expressed an interest in entrepreneurship.

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For more information, contact Diane Hendrickson, Small Business Center Program Developer, 828.398.7957,

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