Welcome to the Global Institute for Sustainability Technologies (GIST)

 The aim of our institute is to support the growth of a vibrant regional economy, to leave a healthier natural environment, and to improve the well-being of all citizens.

Five Goals for the Global Institute for Sustainability Technologies at A-B Tech

  1. Develop and establish educational and training programs to enhance worker opportunities in emerging areas of sustainability
  2. Serve as a regional partner benefitting WNC through sustainability projects, including small business development, building and retrofitting applications, land use practices, renewable energy usage and local food support
  3. Provide demonstration and education areas for community members regarding the benefits of sustainable technologies and practices
  4. Promote and support K–12 sustainability education initiatives in the region
  5. Support A-B Tech’s leadership, staff and students to help create a more sustainable campus

Community Effort

Many members of the A-B Tech faculty and staff, from both curriculum and continuing education, assist with the execution of the GIST program and can be found on the Contact and About Info page.


GIST is headquartered at A-B Tech's Center for Business and Technology Incubation at the Enka campus along with the A-B Tech's Small Business Center.






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