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Course Number Course Title
ELC 112BB DC/AC Electricity
ELC 113 Basic Wiring I
ELC 115 Industrial Wiring
ELC 117 Motors and Controls
ELC 118 National Electrical Code
ELC 127 Software for Technicians
ELC 128 Introduction to PLC
ELC 132 Electrical Drawings
ELC 133 Advanced Circuit Analysis
ELC 138 DC Circuit Analysis
ELC 139 AC Circuit Analysis
ELC 213 Instrumentation
ELC 220 Photovoltaic System Technology
ELC 228 PLC Applications
ELC 229 Applications Project
ELN 131 Analog Electronics I
ELN 133 Digital Electronics
ELN 133A Digital Electronics Lab
ELN 137 Electronic Devices and Circuits
ELN 150 CAD for Electronics
ELN 152 Fabrication Techniques
ELN 154 Introduction to Data Communication
ELN 232 Introduction to Microprocessors
ELN 234 Communication Systems
ELN 237 Local Area Networks
ELN 238 Advanced LANs
EMS 110 EMT-Basic
EMS 111 Prehospital Environment
EMS 115 Defense Tactics for EMS
EMS 120 Intermediate Interventions
EMS 121 EMS Clinical Practicum I
EMS 125 EMS Instructor Methodology
EMS 130 Pharmacology for EMS
EMS 131 Advanced Airway Management
EMS 140 Rescue Scene Management
EMS 140A Rescue Scene Skills Lab
EMS 150 Emergency Vehicles & EMS Communication
EMS 210 Advanced Patient Assessment
EMS 220 Cardiology
EMS 221 EMS Clinical Practicum II
EMS 230 Pharmacology II for EMS
EMS 231 EMS Clinical Practicum III
EMS 240 Special Needs Patients
EMS 241 EMS Clinical Practicum IV
EMS 250 Advanced Medical Emergencies
EMS 260 Advanced Trauma Emergencies
EMS 270 Life Span Emergencies
EMS 280 EMS Bridging Course
EMS 285 EMS Capstone
EGR 110 Introduction to Engineering Tech
EGR 115 Intro to Technology
EGR 125 Application Software for Technicians
EGR 130 Engineering Cost Control
EGR 150 Intro to Engineering
EGR 220 Engineering Statics
EGR 230 Engineering Materials
EGR 250 Statics/Strength of Materials
EGR 285 Design Project
ENG 080 Writing Foundations
ENG 090 Composition Strategies
ENG 090A Composition Strategies Lab
ENG 102 Applied Communications II
ENG 110 Freshman Composition
ENG 111 Expository Writing
ENG 112 Argument-Based Research
ENG 113 Literature-Based Research
ENG 114 Professional Research and Reporting
ENG 125 Creative Writing I
ENG 126 Creative Writing II
ENG 131 Introduction to Literature
ENG 133 Introduction to the Novel
ENG 134 Introduction to Poetry
ENG 135 Introduction to Short Fiction
ENG 231 American Literature I
ENG 232 American Literature II
ENG 233 Major American Writers
ENG 234 Modern American Poets
ENG 235 Survey of Film as Literature
ENG 241 British Literature I
ENG 242 British Literature II
ENG 243 Major British Writers
ENG 261 World Literature I
ENG 262 World Literature II
ENG 271 Contemporary Literature
ENG 272 Southern Literature
ENG 273 African-American Literature
ENG 274 Literature by Women
ENG 275 Science Fiction
ETR 210 Intro to Entrepreneurship
ETR 215 Law for Entrepreneurs
ETR 220 Innovation and Creativity
ETR 230 Entrepreneur Marketing
ETR 240 Funding for Entrepreneurs
ETR 270 Entrepreneurship Issues
ENV 110 Environmental Science
ENV 110A Environmental Science Lab
FVP 250 Production Specialties I
FIP 120 Introduction to Fire Protection
FIP 124 Fire Protection & Public Education
FIP 128 Detection and Investigation
FIP 132 Building Construction
FIP 136 Inspections & Codes
FIP 140 Industrial Fire Protection
FIP 152 Fire Protection Law
FIP 220 Fire Fighting Strategies
FIP 224 Fire Instructor I & II
FIP 228 Local Government Finance
FIP 230 Chemistry of Hazardous Materials I
FIP 232 Hydraulics & Water Distribution
FIP 236 Emergency Management
FIP 240 Fire Service Supervision
FIP 260 Fire Protection Planning
FIP 276 Managing Fire Services
FRE 111 Elementary French I
FRE 112 Elementary French II
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