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Course Number Course Title
CST 111 Construction I
CST 112 Construction II
CST 113 Construction III
CST 150 Building Science
CST 211 Construction Surveying
CST 241 Planning/Estimating I
CST 244 Sustainable Building Design
CMT 210 Professional Construction Supervision
CMT 212 Total Safety Performance
CMT 214 Planning and Scheduling
CMT 216 Costs and Productivity
CMT 218 Human Relations Issues
COE 111 Co-op Work Experience I
COE 112 Co-op Work Experience I
COE 122 Co-op Work Experience II
COS 111 Cosmetology Concepts I
COS 111AB Cosmetology Concepts I
COS 111BB Cosmetology Concepts I
COS 112 Salon I
COS 112AB Salon I
COS 112BB Salon I
COS 113 Cosmetology Concepts II
COS 113AB Cosmetology Concepts II
COS 113BB Cosmetology Concepts II
COS 114 Salon II
COS 114AB Salon II
COS 114BB Salon II
COS 115 Cosmetology Concepts III
COS 115AB Cosmetology Concepts III
COS 115BB Cosmetology Concepts III
COS 116 Salon III
COS 116AB Salon III
COS 116BB Salon III
COS 117 Cosmetology Concepts IV
COS 117AB Cosmetology Concepts IV
COS 117BB Cosmetology Concepts IV
COS 118 Salon IV
COS 118AB Salon IV
COS 118BB Salon IV
COS 119 Esthetics Concepts I
COS 120 Esthetics Salon I
COS 121 Manicure/Nail Technology I
COS 121AB Manicure/Nail Technology I
COS 121BB Manicuring/Nail Technology I
COS 125 Esthetics Concepts II
COS 126 Esthetics Salon II
COS 222 Manicure/Nail Technology II
COS 240 Contemporary Design
COS 260 Design Applications
COS 271 Instructor Concepts I
COS 272 Instructor Practicum I
COS 273 Instructor Concepts II
COS 274 Instructor Practicum II
CJC 100 Basic Law Enforcement Training
CJC 111 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJC 112 Criminology
CJC 113 Juvenile Justice
CJC 114 Investigative Photography
CJC 120 Interviews/Interrogations
CJC 121 Law Enforcement Operations
CJC 122 Community Policing
CJC 131 Criminal Law
CJC 132 Court Procedure and Evidence
CJC 141 Corrections
CJC 151 Intro to Loss Prevention
CJC 160 Terrorism: Underlying Issues
CJC 161 Intro Homeland Security
CJC 170 Critical Incident Management for Public Safety
CJC 212 Ethics and Community Relations
CJC 213 Substance Abuse
CJC 214 Victimology
CJC 215 Organization and Administration
CJC 221 Investigative Principles
CJC 222 Criminalistics
CJC 223 Organized Crime
CJC 225 Crisis Intervention
CJC 231 Constitutional Law
CJC 232 Civil Liability
CJC 255 Issues in Criminal Justice App
CJC 261 High-Risk Situations
CUL 110 Sanitation & Safety
CUL 110A Sanitation & Safety Lab
CUL 111 Success in Hospitality Studies
CUL 112 Nutrition for Foodservice
CUL 130 Menu Design
CUL 135 Food & Beverage Service
CUL 135A Food & Beverage Service Lab
CUL 140 Culinary Skills I
CUL 142 Fundamentals of Food
CUL 150 Food Science
CUL 150A Food Science Lab
CUL 160 Baking I
CUL 170 Garde Manger I
CUL 180 Internat & Amer Reg Cuisine
CUL 214 Wine Appreciation
CUL 230 Global Cuisines
CUL 240 Culinary Skills II
CUL 240A Culinary Skills II Lab
CUL 250 Classical Cuisine
CUL 260 Baking II
CUL 270 Garde Manger II
CUL 273 Career Development
CUL 275 Catering Cuisine
CUL 283 Farm-to-Table
CUL 283A Farm-to-Table Lab
CUL 285 Competition Fundamentals
CUL 287 Cultural Experience
CUL 287A Cultural Experience Lab
CCT 110 Introduction to Cyber Crime
CCT 121 Computer Crime Investigation
CCT 231 Technology Crimes and Law
DBA 110 Database Concepts
DBA 120 Database Programming I
DBA 210 Database Administration
DEN 100 Basic Orofacial Anatomy
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